ILAB 19 – Simon Black – Finding Outsized Returns Off the Beaten Path

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“A business is the best asset that anybody can own…”

     Simon Black     

Simon Black is the owner and figurehead of the popular publication Sovereign Man. We have been following Simon’s advice and putting it into practice for years, and had the opportunity to have a conversation with him geared toward investing.

Appropriately labelled “Finding Outsized Returns Off the Beaten Path” this episode focuses on how Simon utilizes his vast world experience (now visited over 120 countries) and enviable network to find investment opportunities around the world. From precious medals & Bitcoin, to agricultural projects and start-ups, Simon is about as well diversified as someone could get and his investment views are shaped through more experience that anyone could hope to obtain in a lifetime… or 2.

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Relevant links for guest:

Website – Sovereign Man
YouTube – Sovereign Man HQ
Twitter – The Sovereign Man

Where are we: 

Sam – Lviv, Ukraine
Simon – Santiago, Chile


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RealtyShares – try it free with ILAB link

 Recommended (books, subscriptions): 

Adventure Capitalist – Jim Rogers
Emergency – Neil Strauss

Discussed (relevant links):

August 2016 Income Report – Johnny FD
Peer Street vs. Lending Club – ILAB 13 with Brett Crosby

Time Stamp – Topic:

03:00 – Catch up about Chile
08:25 – Simons annual travel schedule
10:00 – Finding unique opportunities through boots on the ground
12:00 – Jim Rogers’ inspiring travel
14:30 – Simon’s background in Intelligence
15:00 – The importance of personal freedom
17:50 – Simon’s view on owning precious medals
23:05 – Liquidity in physical gold bullion
25:00 – What mint or coinage is the best to acquire?
26:30 – Purchases larger balls vs. smaller coins
28:45 – When do you own too much of something?
29:40 – How to purchase gold around the world
32:15 – Bitcoin vs. precious medals
33:00 – Where to hold Bitcoin
36:15 – Why you may not want to trust your bank
37:15 – Simon’s Sovereign Academy
40:00 – Where does Simon invest his money
41:00 – Why are private businesses great assets to own
44:00 – The power of network and connections
46:00 – The skill of investing
48:25 – Types of businesses Simon likes to invest in
50:30 – Control vs. dependence in business ownership
52:00 – Deal flow and private company management
53:30 – Invest in things you understand
54:45 – How can we invest along side of Simon
56:30 – Do things that make sense no matter what
58:15 – Finding out more about Simon and his investment approach


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