ILAB 98 – Mobile Home Park Investing with Jefferson Lilly

“I tried to figure what Warren Buffet would do given my situation… then I started stumbling upon mobile home parks”

Jefferson Lilly

Jefferson Lilly is a mobile home park investment expert who co-founded Park Street Partners which owns 17 Mobile Home Parks coast-to-coast. He is the host of the Mobile Home Park Investors podcast with over 10,000+ D/L per month. He spent seven years investing his own capital acquiring and operating mobile home parks. He is definitely the go-to-person when it comes to mobile home park investing.

During the episode, Jefferson educates us on what a mobile home park is and what investment opportunities surround it. He corrects the misconception of most people when it comes to mobile home owners. He presents the ups and downs of owning and operating mobile homes. He explains the Who, What, and How in the world of mobile homes. This is a very unique investment platform that will surely get you hooked!

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ILAB 98 Show Notes

Where we are:

Johnny – Ukraine

Sam – Barcelona





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Fundrise – start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)

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Time Stamps:

12:14 – How he got into Mobile Home Park Investing

15:49 – What got him into value investing

17:39 – What is a Mobile Home?

20:52 – Problems in building a Mobile Home Park

23:07 – Mobile Home Parks vs. Other types of Real Estate

25:43 – Who are Mobile Home Parks for?

28:53 – Moving of Mobile Homes

30:03 – Timespan of tenants

32:21 – How long has he been in this business?

36:31 – His journey in this business

39:20 – Average size of a Mobile Home Park

43:18 – What is a Cap Rate?

48:47 – Investment Opportunities

50:52 – Returns


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