ILAB 78 – Bitcoin 101, How to Invest In Cryptocurrency

“The question is ‘Should you own Bitcoin?’”

Johnny FD

“Take caution and pay very close and curious attention.”

Sam Marks

Bitcoin, a digital currency, has been creating hype for thousands of investors around the world. We probably have heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies circulating around the internet and a lot of people want to understand what it is, how it works, and why they should invest in it.

This episode helps you answer the question – Should you own Bitcoin? Johnny and Sam give their insights on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and why it is considered the future. They recount the growth of Bitcoin over the years. They give tips on where and how to buy them, how much should you invest, and how to keep them safely stored. They also specified the downside of Bitcoin and what to expect when owning one. For those who are interested in buying Bitcoin, listen to this episode and find out if this investment strategy is perfect for you.

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ILAB 78 Show Notes



Where we are:

Johnny – United States

Sam – United States



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Time Stamps:

04:38 – Should you buy Bitcoin

09:18 – Ripple used by banks

10:24 – What makes Bitcoin popular?

17:20 – The growth of Bitcoin

18:27 – Predictions for Bitcoin

20:27 – Highest trading volume in terms of countries

22:04 – Governmental Risk

26:27 – How much should you invest in Bitcoin?

30:38 – Ether vs. Bitcoin

31:51 – Downside of Bitcoin

40:14 – Where and how to buy Bitcoin?

46:43 – How to safely store your Bitcoin?

52:49 – Plan of Action


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