ILAB 21 – Silver Bullion CEO: Why and How to Buy Precious Metals

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Gregor Gregersen is the Founder and CEO of Silver Bullion in Singapore. It’s a state of the art facility that is truly innovating the category through transparency, technology and cost efficiency. If you do nothing else with this episode, checkout the video loop here of the Silver Bullion “Safe House”, you’ll be impressed. Gregor had an interesting experience during the 2008 financial crisis that led him to starting Silver Bullion that is a fascinating story in itself.

On this episode we compare different ways to buy and sell gold, what types of mints and coinages are most common, the comparison of holding physical gold at home or abroad, Singapore as a safe haven, and evaluate a few of the systemic risks that face the global economy today. We also discuss the unique and intriguing P-2-P lending platform that Silver Bullion created where loans are secured by the borrowers precious metals. No matter what your experience in purchasing precious metals has been in the past, there will be something you can take away from this episode.

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ILAB 21 Show Notes

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Relevant links for guest:

Silver Bullion

Where are we:

Sam – Lviv, Ukraine
Gregor – Singapore


Currency Wars –James Rickards 

Discussed (relevant links):

The Safe House (video)
US Gold Confiscation in the USA

Show notes:

02:00 – Why did Gregor get into precious metals business
05:12 – Gold nationalisation in Western Nations
05:50 – A history on the gold standard
08:10 – Systemic risks in the global economy
10:30 – Comparing the different ways to buy and sell precious metals
12:50 – What precious metals does Silver Bullion sell
13:50 – Why the name Silver Bullion
14:30 – When did Gregor buy his first piece of bullion
15:55 – Living through the financial crisis as a trader
16:30 – Starting the storage component of Silver Bullion
19:30 – Creating consumer transparency in Silver Bullion
21:00 – Different mints and coinages
23:45 – Gregor’s favorite mint to purchase
26:34 – A 1000 oz bar!
27:35 – Why Singapore as a safe place to store metals
28:37 – Singaporean politics
35:00 – Trust, confidence, and security in Singapore
35:00 – Caning in Singapore!
39:05 – At what point does it make sense to use Silver Bullion
40:45 – Quarterly audits of the inventory
41:45 – Minimum buys at Silver Bullion
42:30 – A walk through the buying process at Silver Bullion
44:50 – Overview of storage capabilities
48:00 – Fees for storage
51:40 – The liquidity in selling gold held at Silver Bullion
53:15 – P-2-P lending through Silver Bullion (Asset backed)
57:05 – Collateralizing the debt in a conservative way
58:20 – Who can lend money on the P-2-P platform
1:01:25 – Who can open accounts with Silver Bullion?
1:04:30 – Shipping the gold overseas from storage
1:03:00 – Summary of owning precious metals and systemic risks
1:03:45 – Where does Gregor invest his money
1:10:40 – See Silver Bullion for yourself!

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