ILAB 07 – Building Hong Kong’s Biggest Self Storage Business

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“I have 20,000 customers and I already own close to a quarter of the market”

 Keven Shee 

Kevin Shee went from jobless to building one of Asia’s largest private self storages business’s in 15 years. SC Storage now is the largest Self Storage company in Hong Kong and expanding rapidly into new markets. Kevin & Sam discuss the financial wizardry behind the business model, the joint venture they co-own in Hong Kong, and investing in US and Asia storage REITs for great yields and recession proof earnings.

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Kevin on Facebook
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Kevin’s business SC Storage


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Where are we:

Kevin – Hong Kong
Sam – Singapore
Johnny – Lisbon 

What we are drinking:

Sam –  Hibiki Harmony Master Selection

Recommended (books, subscriptions):

Book: The Richest Man in Babylon

ArtofFX – start with just a $10,000 account (reduced from $25,000)

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Discussed (relevant links):

MapleTree REITs
Public Storage
Extra Space

Time Stamp – Topic:

10:22 – How Kevin become the Father of Self Storage?
12:45 – Spotting the opportunity in self storage
14:45 – SC Storage market share in Hong Kong
16:10 – Is Self Storage recession proof?
17:10 – Playing the property market in Hong Kong
17:55 – Typical size of an SC Storage location
18:10 – My investment with SC Storage
20:00 – Leveraging debt to maximize return on capital
21:25 – Getting loans from banks
24:20 – Competition leeching on corporate strategy
26:15 – SC Storage in acquisitions
26:55 – SC storage expansion into new markets
28:20 – The growth in storage internationally
28:55 – Breakeven point in operating a storage premise
29:30 – The network effect of more locations
30:15 – Potential exit strategy considerations
31:00 – Micro-markets, the next opportunity
33:15 – Investments in REITs
35:15 – REITs in a recession
37:30 – REIT markets USA vs. SG
41:00 – How to invest in Storage REITs
44:20 – Big Data in storage businesses
46:00 – Sam’s investments in REITs
47:50 – Kevin’s investment strategy
49:10 – Investing with reputable people
51:30 – How Kevin gets deals under market value
53:00 – Find out more details on Kevin and SC Storage

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