ILAB 06 – Invest in Yourself to Startup an Award Winning Brewery

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“We sold the beer before we were able to make it”

 Dan Norris 

Dan Norris, co founder of WP Curve, talks about how he and his team raised enough capital in order to sell his award winning craft beers in just two years. With the helping hand of finance from the first ever crowd-funded brewery campaign via Pozible, together with the backing of a small handful of astute investors, and one very supportive landlord they were able to launch their dream.

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Fundrise – start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)

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Black Hops Facility

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Where are we:

Dan – Gold Coast, Australia

Sam – Singapore

Johnny – Lisbon, Portugal

What we are drinking: 9am – Starbuck’s lattes

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Ballast Point Brewery

Time Stamp – Topic

07:20 – Background as an entrepreneur
17:12 – Other investments Dan has done
18:00 – Thoughts on angel investing
18:50 – Why Dan likes being an entrepreneur
19:50 – Adding value to private investments
24:00 – Passive vs active investing choices
25:30 – Black Hops Founding
27:30 – Early branding and home brewing
28:85 – $0 investment to get started using friends equipment
30:00 – Beer selection and awards
32:15 – Contract brewing
33:30 – Decision to raise money
36:20 – Time and effort in fundraising
38:00 – My attraction to Black Hops
39:00 – Craft beer industry
43:30 – Coming up with a valuation
48:00 – How to determine value of startups
54:00 – What Dan would do different with raising capital
58:11 – How the paperwork and structuring was facilitated
59:00 – Getting a hold of Dan

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