291: Stem Cell Therapy and Alternative Healthcare


This episode may not be a financial investment for your wealth, but one for your health – which is arguably even more important! After Sam tried stem cell therapy for the first time on his knee, we decided to have an expert on the show to talk about this exciting alternative to traditional healthcare. Ryan Alling is the Co-Founder of Luxury Stem Cells, which specializes in catering to American patients and provides various stem cell treatments at their clinic just over the border in Tijuana, Mexico. Ryan and Sam talk about the many benefits of stem cells and struggles to bring them to the mainstream in the United States. Then, Johnny jumps in with Sam to talk about their personal experiences with stem cells and whether they’d want to try them in the future.


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Time Stamp:

    • 00:20 – Sam/Johnny Intro
    • 05:16 – Interview with Ryan Begins
    • 20:53 – Different Types of Stem Cells
    • 36:09 – What are Peptides?
    • 01:01:22 – Sam/Johnny Recap Sam’s Stem Cell Experience


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