285: Russia-Ukraine War Economics with Jake Broe


As the deadline looms for the United States to decide on continuing to fund Ukraine in their ongoing war with Russia, Johnny reached out to a fellow YouTuber who specializes in the war. Jake Broe has amassed nearly a half million YouTube subscribers due to his reports on what’s happening with the war. Jake joins Johnny for an in-depth conversation on the effects of the United States funding the war and what would happen if funding was cut off. Then Derek and Johnny circle back with their thoughts and discuss Johnny’s venture out of Ukraine for the winter.







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    Time Stamp:

        • 02:23 – Johnny & Derek Intro
        • 06:30 – Jake Broe Interview Begins
        • 15:40 – How Funds are Disbursed to Ukraine
        • 26:29 – What Would Happen if the U.S. Became Isolationists?
        • 50:21 – Johnny and Derek Discuss Interview

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