228: Investing in Bordeaux “En Primeur” Wine Futures


Sam interviews Cult Wines CEO Tom Gearing for the second time (first appearance ILAB 161), to get a more specialized look at the most important wine region in the world. Bordeaux, France has an annual wine futures purchasing period called “En Primeur” and Tom explains how to get involved in this and find the best values for future wine profits. Then Sam and Derek talk about their thoughts on wine and how we’ve progressively covered this subject on ILAB. Sam also teases that he will give a first hand telling of his experience at En Primeur in the next episode as Sam actually attended the event and was able to sample over 100 wines from the barrel.


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Time Stamp:

  • 13:10 – Is this “En Primeur” 2021 or 2022?
  • 14:10 – Is this event unique to bordeaux?
  • 16:17 – What happens at “En Primeur” week?
  • 19:18 – Who can go or would you expect to see at the event?
  • 20:50 – Are all the local growers participating?
  • 25:35 – How much of the chateau’s production is sold at “En Primeur”?
  • 28:33 – How does the tasting and buying work?
  • 34:20 – Does the release price change every year?
  • 39:52 – Can anyone attend the event?
  • 42:25 – Historically, has allocation yielded a positive return?
  • 47:35 – Is there a plan to how much of Cult Wines purchasing is allocated to “En Primeur”?
  • 52:57 – Patreon question: Are you working with Blockchain technology to track wines?
  • 54:11 – Patreon question: Is there a solution to being denied cards even with a high enough credit score?
  • 57:45 – Any wines you are particularly interested in?
  • 60:04 – Sam and Derek review

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