210: Top 10 ILAB Guests of 2021


Johnny and Derek count down the Top 10 best Invest Like a Boss guests of 2021. They’ll go over the episodes, how they came about, provide takeaways and audio clips from each interview. Votes were taken from the Boss Lounge, download counts and directly from Sam, Johnny & Derek to create the list. Another great year in the books for ILAB – thanks for your support and don’t forget to tell us who your favorite in 2021 was!


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Time Stamp:

  • 08:38 – #10 ILAB 174 Highlight Fahard Vladi
  • 13:08 – #9 ILAB 170 Highlight Mike Vranjkovic
  • 17:53 – #8 ILAB 197 Highlight Jon Radoff
  • 21:01 – #7 ILAB 208 Highlight Ken Coleman
  • 27:11 – #6 ILAB 177 Highlight Frank Song
  • 35:26 – #5 ILAB 167 Bitcoin Stephan Livera
  • 42:06 – #4 ILAB 206 DeFi Clayton Roche
  • 48:41 – #3 ILAB 168 Drew Bledsoe
  • 55:06 – #2 ILAB 194 Dutch Mendenhall
  • 63:03 – #1 ILAB 190 KRBN Luke Oliver

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