183: Kiev Real Estate Recovery Funds Founder John Suggit


A Canadian citizen, John has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and a MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. He has over 10 years of investment banking experience in Ukraine and has spent many of these years also developing successful property investments in both Kiev and Montenegro. His prior positions include Chief Operating Officer with Dragon Capital, Managing & Founding Partner with Concorde Capital and Vice-President with MFK. Previously John had 10 years of retail and commercial banking experience with the Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada. During his time in Ukraine John has been regularly interviewed and quoted by The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Institutional Investor, Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, EuroWeek, EuroMoney, Focus Money, FDI Magazine, The Kyiv Post, Kontrakty, Delo, ForUm and Korrespondent.John speaks English, Russian and some Spanish, Serbian and French.

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Time Stamps:

  • 09:55 – Why is it hard to get quotes from contractors in Kiev?
  • 12:16 – Why are housing prices low in Kiev?
  • 16:46 – How has the Hryvnia depreciation affected real estate prices?
  • 20:31 – How are the businesses in Kiev starting up so quickly?
  • 24:11 – Can you talk about your move from residential to commercial?
  • 34:55 – Tell us about the residential space you converted to office space
  • 43:46 – Can you tell us about the fund and the services they offer?
  • 45:15 – Let’s talk about the advisory side of your services
  • 48:17 – Let’s talk about the fund part of your business
  • 49:42 – What are you buying into when investing in the fund?
  • 51:12 – What is the minimum to invest in the fund? 
  • 54:07 – What are the fees involved with the investment?
  • 56:31 – Is it possible to cash out your investment in US dollars as opposed to Euros?
  • 60:49  – Johnny and Sam review

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