Invest Like a Boss Summit in Los Angeles, CA

Get educated, grow your net worth and connect with other investors. This is not your normal, boring, old investment conference. There will be no sales pitches and no bs. We invest our own money and look for modern ways to diversify our investments.

Whether you have $1,000 to invest and are just getting started, or have $10 million and want unbiased advice from people in your shoes who have been there, come network, learn, grow and meet other bosses over food, drinks, coffee and beer, all included at that Invest Like a Boss Summit.


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We’re two entrepreneurs who invest our own hard earned cash using modern technology like robo advisors, real estate funds, peer to peer lending, low cost indexes, and more. This event is to get everyone together to learn, grow and meet, so we can all achieve our financial dreams.

PeerStreet has offered host the conference at their corporate headquarters is Los Angeles! It’ll be a great opportunity to meet their team, get a tour of their facilities, and have the main conference day in LA! Then on sunday you can head down with us to Las Vegas for the optional afterparty and to drive supercars as well as boss it up by the pool! 

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Deluxe BOSS Tickets – Best seats, lunch, coffee, drinks, and beer are all included! This is for the Bosses out there!

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Sponsor Tickets – Become an official sponsor for the event, an on stage introduction and your branding on all ILAB Summit materials and sites. Only 3 total spots available. Bring your team (up to 3 included) and also get 1 seat at the VIP dinner!

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*If you’re coming as an individual, purchase a general admission or VIP ticket. If you are coming to represent your company, please purchase an exhibitor or sponsors ticket.

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What to Expect

Come meet Sam Marks, Johnny FD, and Previous Show Guests in Los Angeles, then optionally join us in Las Vegas for our first ever Invest Like a Boss Summit!

We’ve taken the Chiang Mai, Thailand Meetup, made it more BOSSY and brought it to you here in Los Angeles!


We have even more to be announced, and all talks will be interactive which means, no lectures! This is a personalized event where you can ask questions, get to know the speakers, fellow podcast listeners, and investors.

Using Modern Technology to Invest Like a Boss.

Adam Nash is the former President and CEO of Wealthfront and current VP at Dropbox and sits currently on the Board of Directors at Acorns. So from robo-advisor based investing, cloud storage, and advising the leading micro-investing app in the U.S., Acorns, Adam has had a huge role in modern day investing technologies that allow us to invest like a boss.

Adam is a proven advocate for development of products that go beyond utility to delight customers. At Dropbox, he heads the team responsible for product strategy, product management & product analytics for a platform with over 500 million registered users. Before Dropbox, Adam served as the President & CEO of Wealthfront, where for four years he championed the creation of a new category of automated investment services. While Adam was at Wealthfront, the company grew its client base by over 60x, and grew assets under management 45x from less than $100m to over $4 billion. During his tenure, Wealthfront delivered industry-leading innovations including Direct Indexing, the Single-Stock Diversification Service, and the first automated 529 College Savings Plan. 

Speaker: Adam Nash, Dropbox, Wealthfront, Acorns

Investing in Global Stocks and Currency.

Meb Faber from Cambria Investments is a co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. Faber is the manager of Cambria’s ETFs and separate accounts. Mr. Faber is the host of The Meb Faber Show podcast and has authored numerous white papers and leather-bound books. Mr. Faber graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Engineering Science and Biology.

Meb is an expert and a frequent speaker and writer on investment strategies and has been featured in Barron’s, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. He has given talks around the world on the topics of Global macro investing, Finding great stock ideas, Equity income investing, dividends and buybacks, Currency investing as well as Global value investing.

Speaker: Meb Faber, Cambria Investments

Vetting and Investing in Debt with Secured Loans.

Brett Crosby from PeerStreet will be sharing the secrets on how to vet high-quality private real estate loans and build a real estate debt portfolio giving out secured loans as the lender. He’ll go over how to handle defaults and how diversifying with multiple loans can offset the risk. In this workshop style talk with active Q&A, this is your chance to ask the co-founder himself all of your burning questions about investing in debt, securing hard money loans and investing with the PeerStreet platform.

Brett is the co-founder and COO of Peerstreet. He is responsible for crafting the strategy, product and message, marketing, sales, and business development. He was previously the Director of Marketing at Google for 10 years where he co-founded Google Analytics and helped start Google’s mobile advertising business. Before Google Brett co-founded Urchin Software Corporation, a web analytics service which was acquired by Google in 2005. 

Speaker: Brett Crosby, PeerStreet

How to use Real Estate Grow and Preserve Your Wealth.

Steve Kelly from MLG Capital will be going over the pros and cons of single family real estate investing vs. multifamily vs. commercial. Pros and Cons of Private Real Estate over REITS. Basics of Tax Advantages of Real Estate. The pros and cons of the Private Fund vs. the 1099 Dividend Fund.

Steve is a Senior Associate at MLG Capital. Splitting his time between deal acquisitions and investor relations. He works with individual investors, RIA’s, family offices, and institutions that are looking to allocate part of their portfolio to commercial real estate. He also travels to targeted markets to meet with top tier operators, exploring joint venture acquisitions. The combination of these two focuses allows him to effectively communicate the value of MLG’s fund to investors by understanding the details of each deal.  

Speaker: Steve Kelly, MLG Capital

How to Invest a Multi-Million Windfall from Selling a Business.

Sam Marks will be giving a talk on lessons learned from investing a lump sum windfall of cash, how to avoid mistakes and what he would have done differently if starting his investment journey all over again including his overseas property investments, REITs, self-storage units and startup acquisitions. This is your chance to ask a multi-millionaire investor everything that you’ve wanted to know.

Sam is the co-founder of SKYCIG which was sold to publicly traded company Lorillard, Inc, the manufacturer of Newport for $100,000,000. He is now a serial entrepreneur and angel investor as well as the co-host of the Invest Like a Boss Podcast.

Speaker: Sam Marks, Investor

How to Grow $10,000 to $1 Million While Traveling the World.

Johnny FD will be giving a talk on how to take advantage of location arbitrage, US Tax savings, and the secrets to the FIRE Movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early). His talk will be on how to start with just $10,000 and grow it towards $1 Million in less than 10 years. Johnny is transparent sharing his journey and even his exact investment amounts, come the event and feel free to ask anything in detail.

Johnny has started multiple location independent online businesses while living abroad in Thailand and Eastern Europe and while traveling full time. He has grown his personal net worth from a low point of $1,000 in 2013 to over $750,000 today just 6 years later. He is currently living off of multiple streams passive income and investing in new ones while hosting both the Travel Like a Boss and Invest Like a Boss Podcasts.

Speaker: Johnny FD, Entrepreneur

How to Get 100% Returns through Buying Online Businesses.

As part of the speaker’s panel on buying online businesses, Michael Bereslavsky from Domain Magnate will be showing you all about buying and running online businesses for investment! How to find, vet, and profit from buying an already built, cashflowing online business. His talk will be how to gain 100% a year or higher returns through buying an online business.

Michael is the CEO of Domain Magnate, a private equity firm that acquire Online Businesses. Michael has 15 years of experience in buying and managing content and SaaS businesses over several hundred deals. Domain Magnate had consistent returns of over 100% annually and recently set up its first investor fund, with plans to open a bigger fund next year.

Panelist: Michael Bereslavsky, Domain Magnate

Buying and Selling Online Businesses (Panel)

Also on the panel is Stacy Caprio from Her.CEO who share what to look for from the individual investor perspective when purchasing websites and online businesses. She will share her journey buying websites, including the mistakes she’s made and recommends avoiding, as well as her successes and how she goes about getting the best deals and maximizing site revenue.

Stacy’s background is in online marketing, specifically paid ads and SEO during her 9-5 roles. Investing in websites is what allowed her to break free from her 9-5 job, and she’s hoping to share some tips that can help you learn more about how to spot winning website investments and avoid the duds.

Panelist: Stacy Caprio, Her.CEO

Buying and Selling Online Businesses (Panel)

Also featured on the panel is Ace Chapman from Income Acquisitions. He’s been purchasing websites to create income streams for over 16 years. The first website we bought was an online stock market simulator in the early days of the Internet. Hey purchased the website, made some changes, and grew it from 10,000 to 250,000 users before they sold it.

Panelist: Ace Chapman, Income Acquisitions

The Philosophy of Venture Capital after $400 million in funding.

Peter Pham is the cofounder of Science Incubated companies which has incubated a total of $400 million. Peter has helped build companies like Photo Bucket as employee no. 5, leading growth and corporate development to a $300,000,000 acquisition by MySpace.

Peter is also the cofounder and CEO of BillShrink which was acquired by Mastercard and is currently an angel advisor with companies like Next-door, Ring and Medium. Mastercard and is currently an angel advisor with companies like Next-door, Ring and Medium. 

Speaker: Peter Pham, Angel Investor


Our speakers have been featured in these publications and outlets.

Previous Guests from the Invest Like a Boss Podcast will also be speaking and representatives from popular investment companies and funds will also be present to get to know, meet in person and ask anything!

There will be no selling of investments or sales at the event. Just like the Thailand meetup this is an event for those wanting to learn how to invest their money, whether you are just starting out or already advanced and wanting to diversify.

More speakers and topics will be announced as we get closer to the event date. Depending on the number of tickets sold, we will be able to finalize the exact venue, speaker line up and other details.


Pre-Meetup: (Optional)

Friday – September 27th – 7pm – 9pm: Meetup/Pre-Registration (Los Angeles)

Conference: (MAIN DAY)

Saturday – September 28th – 9:30am – Midnight: Main Conference day with speakers, VIP Speakers Dinner, and the Invest Like a Boss After Party! (PeerStreet – LA)

Sunday – September 29th – 11am-3pm: Beach Day and Coffee (Manhattan Beach Pier)


Vegas Afterparty: (OPTIONAL TRIP)

Sunday – September 29th – 4pm-6pm – Travel to Vegas: (optional)

Sunday – September 29th – 7pm – Midnight: Drinks inside the Chandelier (Las Vegas)

Monday – September 30th – 11am-6pm: Exotic Cars & Pool Party (Las Vegas)


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Also click “I’m Going” to be notified of updates and invite your friends who might be interested in attending!

Also click “I’m Going” to be notified of updates and invite your friends who might be interested in attending!

Meet the Sponsors

Big thanks to PeerStreet for hosting the event at their corporate headquarters in Manhattan Beach! PeerStreet is a marketplace that provides unprecedented access to high quality real estate loan investments through real estate backed, secured peer to peer loans!

You’ll have their hospitality to thank for snacks, beverages, throughout the day and for the beer keg during networking hour after the talks!

Learn More at ILAB Episode 13

Thank you to MLG Capital and Income Acquisitions for sponsoring the food and drinks for the event! A buffet lunch is now included for all ticket levels thanks to our generous sponsors! There may even be a few buckets of cold beers for you to enjoy during the break, just don’t get too hammered as we have an afternoon full of great talks and plenty of time to drink later that evening!

For more than 33 years, MLG’s core focus has been preserving their investors’ wealth, producing exceptional income and appreciation over time through investment in private real estate.

Learn more about MLG on Ep 121

Income Acquisitions has helped acquire &/or sell over $50 million dollars worth of Digital Assets. They conduct due diligence, buy, manage, grow & sell businesses for partners & clients around the globe and the co-invest in every deal and help you buy into passive income streams.

Come meet founder Ace Chapman from IA, he’s been purchasing websites to create income streams for over 16 years. Him and his team finds, inspects and completes our proprietary due diligence process on deals before they make it through their deal funnel.

Learn More on their website here.

Come meet and get your questions answered!

For those on keto or bulletproof diets, we got you covered! Grass Fed Coffee is coming to the Invest Like a Boss Summit and will be keeping us supercharged and mentally fresh with their cold brew coffee made with grass fed butter and MCT oil.

And for those who want to kill your thirst, Peter Pham, investor at Liquid Death will be bringing cases of it to the event to make sure you get enough mountain water in you during breaks!


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