ILAB 99 – Q2 Investment and Performance Updates – Sam & Johnny

“This is why I like talking about investments so much and helping others is because so many people helped me when I got started”

Johnny FD

Co-hosts Sam & Johnny are up again for another quarterly update on all investment ventures they are personally participating. They have been giving updates on the performances of their investments as well as their new investments every three months to give light on the subject for all the investors and investors-to-be who are on the process of figuring out which investment platform to choose.

On the episode, Sam & Johnny reveal the performances of their investments during this quarter. They have been discussing various investment platforms in the past episodes and they will share which funds they invested in and how it turned out. If you are an investor or you want to become one, listen to this episode and learn new trends in the world of funds and investments.

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ILAB 99 Show Notes

Where we are:

Sam & Johnny – Spain



ILAB 90 – HSAs 101, Health Savings Accounts with Evan Prokup of HSAedge

ILAB 86 – Index Fund Allocation Modeling with Johnny & Sam

ILAB 62 – Q2 Investing Updates + Early Retirement



ArtofFX – start with just a $10,000 account (reduced from $25,000)

Fundrise – start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)

Wealthfront – get your first $15,000 managed free

Betterment – get up to 1 year managed free

PeerStreet – get a 1% yield bump on your first loan

>Johnny’s personal capital dashboard

> ArtofFX returns


>Fundrise quarterly yield distribution


>Sam’s PeerStreet returns

> the Wealthfront Risk Parity fund they added to Sam’s portfolio



Time Stamps:

06:30 – Keeping track of your finances using Personal Capital

09:37 – Johnny’s net worth

13:18 – Building wealth through passive income

18:55– Johnny’s investment updates

23:10 – Johnny’s ETF updates

29:40 – American Homeowners Preservation (AHP) Fund

34:39 – What’s going on in the crypto world?

38:00 – YieldStreet Fund updates

40:53 – Municipal bonds updates

44:27 – Comprehending the taxes around investment returns

55:48 – Fund Rise updates

1:02:05 – Self-storage investment

1:05:06 – Financial growth through compounding interest

1:12:16 – Sam’s new investments

1:13:59 – Latest travel journey



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