ILAB 97 – When Buying a Starter Home Goes Terribly Wrong – Chris Harrison

“Then we moved in and things start to go wrong”

Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison and his girlfriend just got their new home. But, instead of cutting down expenses from renting, they spent more on fixing the house they just bought. While the inspection went perfectly well, they discovered so many shortfalls few days after they moved in. The house failed in so many aspects that the couple had to take legal action against the people who apparently ripped them off.

On this episode, Chris shares the appalling experience of buying their first home. He enumerates the flaws they discovered in the house including the electrical system, the plumbing, and the termite infestation. He sheds light on the idea of buying a starter home and gives his takeaways from the experience that will surely help those who are planning to buy their own house.

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ILAB 97 Show Notes

Where we are:

Sam & Chris – Florida

Johnny – Ukraine



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Time Stamps:

07:08 – How they decided to buy a house

09:03 – What went wrong in the house

15:36 – The good-for-nothing inspection

17:05 – How did he find his Realtor?

21:21 – The process of buying a house

23:12 – Taking legal actions

28:34 – What are they going after in the lawsuit?

31:51 – Recommendations on getting your house

33:55 – The mortgage process

35:51 – His takeaways from this unfortunate event


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