ILAB 89 – AirBnB Income Stream, Investment Properties and 3rd Party Management with Frank Valencia

“Short-term rentals, vacation rentals, that industry, has grown tremendously.”

Frank Valencia

Frank Valencia is the Sr. Managing Partner at Bongo Property Management; a fast-growing AirBnB property management which helps your short-term rental business becomes a success. They are currently operating in the United States, Latin America, and Europe – and are planning to expand to new cities later on.

During the episode, Frank explains the services they provide at Bongo PM. As an expert in the business industry, he describes the benefits of having their company manage your properties for short-term rentals. Listen in and learn a lot about the short-term rental market, including size demands, occupancy rates, investment returns, and the ideal countries to own properties.

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ILAB 89 Show Notes

Where we are:

Sam – Denver Colorado

Johnny – Nepal





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Time Stamps:

09:07 – Who is Frank?

10:06 – The growth of Bongo PM

10:27 – AirBnB

12:39 – Return on investment

15:12 – Bongo PM analytic service

16:44 – Expanding to new cities

17:42 – Impact of reviews

19:23 – Property types and its demands

21:43 – Occupancy rates

23:03 – Optimizing seasons

24:14 – Insurance options for Risks of damages

26:03 – Length of agreement

29:07 – Ideal properties for short-term rental

31:21 – Investment opportunities in Bongo PM

32:25 – The future of Bongo PM in the industry

38:29 – Bongo PM Rates


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