ILAB 88 – Structuring Tax Free Income, Puerto Rico Act 22 – Jorie Roberts

“You need to meet a physical presence, the closer connection, and the tax home to be a bona fide resident of Puerto Rico.”

Jorie Roberts

Jorie Roberts is the founder of Marjorie Roberts, PC, a firm composed of attorneys who specialize in tax, corporate/securities, and business law, and work with the economic incentive programs in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has a vast knowledge of tax law and holds law degrees from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and New York University.

During the episode, Jorie explains two tax laws, known as Act 20, the Export Services Act, and Act 22, the Individual Investors Act, which shields new residents of Puerto Rico from paying most federal income. And since these laws apply to the residents of Puerto Rico, Jorie discusses the process and requirements in applying for residency. Also, she gives comprehensive examples on what is eligible for tax exemptions.

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ILAB 88 Show Notes

Where we are:

Jorie – U.S. Virgin Islands

Sam – Denver Colorado

Michael – Bangkok



Jorie’s Firm – MARJORIE ROBERTS, P.C. – Attorneys at Law

Michael’s publication – CEF Insider



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Time Stamps:

04:01 – Acts 20 and 22: What they are and who they’re for?

05:59 – Applying for residency in Puerto Rico

10:15 – Is owning Real Properties required?

11:45 – How can expats benefit from the tax exemptions?

13:52 – Income tax structure using Act 22

16:29 – Are Interests and Dividends taxed?

19:44 – Examples of income structures and its tax exemptions

29:25 – What is eligible for tax exemption?

32:12 – Application process for both Acts

36:02 – Recommendations on how to start

45:32 – Tax in the US vs. other countries


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