ILAB 83 – Mutual Funds 101, the $17 Trillion Industry with Mark Renz

“According to the Investment Company Institute, there is approximately 40 trillion globally in mutual fund products.”

Mark Renz

Mark Renz is a financial adviser and a sales representative for over two decades and has utilized his expertise in serving as an investment adviser for high-net-worth families since 2001. He is currently the Chief Investment Officer for an independent multi-family office, Socius, which provides honest guidance and shrewd management to preserve, protect, and build their clients’ estate.

This episode explains the basics and fundamentals of mutual funds. Mark defines what a mutual fund is and other mutual funds that we might not be aware of. He teaches some strategies on how to beat the market, how to manage funds, and how to achieve greater returns. Listen in and learn more about this investment platform.

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ILAB 83 Show Notes


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Time Stamps:

05:14 – Mark’s background in finance

07:37 – What is a family office?

10:21 – What are Mutual Funds?

11:46 – Types of Mutual Funds

13:57 – How large is the mutual fund market?

15:06 – Importance of fees in selecting a mutual fund

20:49 – Active management funds

26:15 – Dimensional Funds: Who & What they are?

31:36 – Who can invest in dimensional funds?

33:37 – Biggest mutual fund companies

41:52 – Returns/Dividends strategy

48:56 – Fee Structure and Transparency

55:47 – Tools that can be used for transparency

59:36 – Mark’s personal investment portfolio

63:10 – Recommendations in buying stocks


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