ILAB 79 – Cannabis – Profiting from the “Green Rush” with Michael Berger

“We’re seeing one of the largest growth opportunities ever since the internet.”

Michael Berger

Michael Berger of Stonebridge Partners joins this episode to talk about another yet unique means to invest our money in – the Cannabis industry. Cannabis is used in three main forms: marijuana, hashish and hash oil. It is a mood-altering drug that can induce calm and is sometimes used medicinally as a form of pain relief.

Countries still have different opinions with regards to the legality of this plant medicine. But on the investment side of things, Michael explains the business opportunities for Cannabis and how investors could actually profit from this industry.

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ILAB 79 Show Notes



Technical 420


To Watch:

CNBC Video showing growth in the industry



Canopy Growth Corp


Horizon’s ETF


Where we are:

Johnny – Los Angeles

Sam – South Carolina



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Time Stamps:

10:09 – Growth opportunities for Cannabis

13:36 – Future of the industry

16:52 – Business opportunities

18:18 – Regulation of people involved

21:46 – Stonebridge Partners

22:48 – Investment strategies of Stonebridge

24:23 – Risks and Rewards

25:35 – How Technical 420 started?

28:36 – Sectors with the best growth prospects

30:27 – Regulations for Cannabis

33:05 – Best opportunities for Cannabis


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