ILAB 77 -Turnkey Real Estate Investing vs. REITs

“When you own the hard asset, you’re in total control and it just can’t disappear overnight.”

Matt Bowles


Matt Bowles is the co-founder of Maverick Investors Group, which helps real estate investors buy performing rental properties in the best real estate markets regardless of where they live. They offer a very interesting investment strategy where you get to own a property without being physically present.

On this episode, he talks about the advantages of owning hard assets over investing on paper assets. He explains the process of buying properties, assessing income, and closing contracts. He also explains the management and maintenance set-up and how the net operating income is calculated. He also gives away tips for real estate investors in order to succeed in this investment venture.

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ILAB 77 Show Notes





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Ep 180 – Million Dollar Real Estate Company ran while Traveling Full Time on Remote Year


Time Stamps:

0:31 – The mission of Maverick Investors Group

2:03 – What is Turnkey Real Estate Investing?

4:21 – Advantages in buying hard assets

10:11 – Building portfolio

13:54 – Leveraging properties

19:02 – Calculating Net Operating Income (NOI)

23:22 – Capitalization rate

27:51 – The process in buying a property

31:39 – Management and maintenance

37:56 – How to close contracts?

39:55 – How much income for mortgaged properties?

42:37 – Cash flow calculation

45:12 – Tips for real estate investors


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