ILAB 74 – Q3 Investment Updates

“Gamble what you are willing to lose”

Johnny FD

Sam Marks and Johnny FD bring another update episode about their high-performing investments, net worth, income flow, and the 3-month digital journey. They’ll explain the different investment strategies that they’ve applied during the past quarter and which modern platforms gave the highest return. Find out why coin-based investments are the future and if you should follow the trend.

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ILAB 74 Show Notes

Links: – Johnny’s newly released business – discover coworking spaces around the world

PeerStreet – Get a 1% yield bump on your first loan with this invite

Fundriseinvest as little as $1,000 with this link (non-accredited investors welcome)

ArtofFX – our biggest gainer of the quarter.

RealtyShares – try it free


Where we are:

Johnny – Las Palmas

Sam – Thailand



ILAB 59: YieldStreet – The Future of Non-Correlated Asset Investing with CEO Milind Mehere

ILAB 63: Talking CEFs for 9.9%+ Yield with ‘CEF Professor’ Michael Foster

Yield Street


Art of FX – Johnny FD:

Blackhops Brewing:

Peer Street Settings:



Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

Happy City – Charles Montgomery

How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Tesla, Space X, Quest – Elon Musk

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike – Phil Knight


Time Stamps:

1:57 – Places they visited this quarter

5:58 – Savings while living remotely vs. living in U.S.

10:43 – Thrill in competing

12:36 – Johnny’s Income Boss

14:55 – How long they work every day

21:39 – Sam’s investment update

27:18 – PeerStreet

31:05 – Business model of Lending Clubs

35:32 – YieldStreet

42:49 – Sam’s Coworker

45:19 – Johnny’s net worth

54:55 – Johnny’s high-performing investments

58:35 – Coin-based investments


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