ILAB 72 – Card Counting: Investing in Math to Take Millions from Casinos

Card Counting: Investing in Math to Take Millions from Casinos

“Card counting is the most consistent game you can find to beat”

Colin Jones


Colin Jones is a Blackjack pro who has mastered card counting and has been beating casinos around the globe. He runs a network of card counters that have beaten casinos for millions of dollars. They created the Blackjack Apprenticeship which trains, equips, and provides a community for card counters.

During the episode, Colin talks about the ability to count cards and beat the casinos for profits. He reveals what most gamblers fail to realize – Blackjack is a game that can be beaten. Find out why there is no gamble if you think differently, work smarter, and use the odds to your advantage.

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ILAB 72 Show Notes


Want to learn how to count cards? Check out Blackjack Apprenticeship

Holy Rollers: Watch the documentary

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Time Stamps:

5:57 – How Colin get into card counting

7:19 – Blackjack as a game

10:14 – The odds in effectively counting cards

11:49 – Expected Value

13:59 – What’s beatable and what’s not

16:09 – Is card counting illegal?

17:13 – Tolerance level of casinos

19:45 – Do you max out the ability in card counting?

21:16 – Biggest success stories on card counting

23:24 – Where do his network play?

25:34 – How long does it take to master card counting?

26:41 – Shoe Computers

29:29 – How much capital do you need?

33:13 – Their most exciting journey

35:46 – What they do on Blackjack Apprenticeship?


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