ILAB 71 – Bitcoin vs. Ethereum, and the future of the Internet – Ivan on Tech

71 - Bitcoin vs. Ethereum, and the future of the Internet - Ivan on Tech.

“Ethereum is not just a modification of Bitcoin. It’s completely different and has a completely different use case.”


Ivan Liljeqvist is a software developer who is a leading expert in Blockchain Technology. He is the founder of Ivan on Tech, a YouTube channel featuring a series of videos explaining blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the tech industry, in general, for the “non-techy” people to understand.

On this episode, he explains the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. He also explains the foundations of Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Applications, and Cryptocurrencies. He shares his vision for the ICOs and the future of the Internet. If you are thinking about buying digital currencies, this is the episode for you.

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ILAB 71 Show Notes




Where we are:

Johnny FD – Eastern Europe

Sam – Hong Kong

Ivan – Sweeden



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Time Stamps:

5:00 – Ivan’s background as a developer

8:17 – When and how did he learn about Cryptocurrencies?

9:38 – How much time does he spend learning Cryptocurrencies vs. other Tech works?

12:13 – Who is behind Ethereum?

16:51 – Foundations of Blockchain Technology

19:19 – How was Ethereum created?

21:20 – Decentralized applications

24:27 – Incentives for Ethereum creators

27:07 – Where can people buy Ether?

29:52 – Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

31:33 – The future of Ethereum

35:08 – Role of decentralized applications in the future of the internet

41:21 – Mt.Gox hacking incident

46:53 – The future of Cryptocurrencies

50:06 – Bitcoin vs. other ICOs

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