ILAB 70 – Sports Betting: Invest with Vegas’s Best in This New Fund

“My goal is to produce results for my investors”

Chris Connelly

Chris Connelly is the founder of Contrarian Investment, an investment strategy in the form of sports betting on select NFL, NCAAF, NBA, and NCAAB contests. This is a new category of investment that wasn’t available to people before – ever in history.

On this episode, Chris shows why sports betting is the next big thing and foresees it to become a trillion-dollar industry. He explains how sports betting works and why it should not be considered a gamble, but an investment instead. Listen to the end to find out how to invest alongside Vegas’s best and see how your investments play out.

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ILAB 70 Show Notes



Where we are:

Johnny FD – Eastern Europe

Sam – Hong Kong

Chris – Las Vegas



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Time stamps:

7:33 – How he got into Sports Betting?

10:44 – How does a syndicate operate?

12:04 – What is a Bookie?

13:26 – Different ways to bet

16:32 – Vision for Sports Betting

18:57 – Legalization of Sports Betting

24:17 – Sports Betting as an investment

25:37 – Difference between betting with his own money and with other’s money

27:26 – How much do they bet in a time frame?

29:57 – What sports do they usually bet on?

30:34 – Point spreading

31:25 – Mayweather and McGregor fight

32:50 – Percentage of bet for a single play

34:36 – Returns and Profits

36:33 – Who are the investors?

37:16 – Investing on stock market vs. on sports betting

38:25 – Moving odds

44:25 – Administration of funds

46:07 – Their fee structure


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