ILAB 69 – FX Market – Profit From the 5 Trillion Dollar Daily Trading Volume

“The combined stock market’s still in volume of billions and the Forex market deals in volumes of trillions”

Brian Jimerson

Brian Jimerson and Teng Su are the founders of The Art of FX, a Fund Management and Trading company that specializes in the Forex and Commodity markets.

During the show, Brian and Teng will discuss how geo political events affect the FX market, what it takes to become a full-time trader, and the biggest mistakes to avoid. Listen to the end to hear how they manage multiple accounts and the earnings percentage Sam and Johnny FD have earned since their investment.

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ILAB 69 Show Notes


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Where are we:

Sam/Brian/Teng – Bangkok
Johnny FD – Odessa, Ukraine



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Time Stamps:

07:31 – North Korean missiles over Japan
08:36 – How Trumps Twitter affects the FX market
13:15 – Stock market vs For Ex market
16:16 – Trading Forex full time
21:17 – Biggest trader mistakes
29:47 – Emergency crash plan
31:40 – A typical 21 hour work day
34:20 – Gaining informational advantage
38:57 – Common trader mistakes
41:26 – Cryptocurrency buying, selling, and trading
44:48 – Tax implications
46:33 – Starting capital and hold time
47:09 – General Volatility
51:57 – Managing multiple clients and accounts
1:06:18 – Total earnings %


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