ILAB 68 – Municipal Bonds, How Insiders Scale Their Tax Free Income

“If I’m making money, I’m not bored”

Michael Foster

Michael Foster, the ‘CEF Professor’ from Contrarian Outlook, joins us for another episode to explain how to use municipal bonds to scale your tax-free income.

During this episode, you’ll find out how to buy municipal bonds, determine if you should buy an individual muni bond, and understand the risk levels of the entire process. You’ll learn how a municipal CEF operates, what tools to use, and how interest rates impact closed end funds. Listen to the end to hear Michael’s top three muni funds and what Sam and Johnny Invest into themselves.

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ILAB 68 Show Notes

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Sam/Michael – Bangkok
Johnny – Ukraine



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2 Recent Articles on Municipal Bonds:
The Shockingly Common Mistake That’s Costing You Thousands
These 6%+ Yielders Are a Screaming Bargain


The muni funds recommendations discussed:

Neuberger Berman New York Intermediate Municipal Fund (NBO)
Nuveen New Jersey Quality Municipal Income Fund (NXJ)
Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust (MHI)



ILAB 63 – Talking CEFs for 9.9%+ Yield with ‘CEF Professor’ Michael Foster

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Time Stamps:

06:09 – Are muni bonds boring?

07:27 – Why others invest in muni bonds?

09:01 – Tax considerations

10:02 – Three ways to buy municipal bonds

10:40 – Should you buy an individual muni bond?

13:00 – How does a municipal CEF operate?

15:25 – Average cap size

17:10 – Close end funds and rising interest rates

23:03 – Market trends and sell off

25:15 – Tools, software, and historical returns

26:59 – What is the risk level?

27:06 – Default rates

29:29 – California, New Jersey, Illinois

34:46 – Should you worry about fees?

38:55 – Recommended muni funds

48:42 – Investing in muni bonds

57:36 – Wealthfront investments


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