ILAB 67 – Strike Oil, Invest in Oil & Gas Projects with EnergyFunders

“The oil and gas market done correctly… can be a very powerful investment vehicle”

Casey Minshew


Casey Minshew is the COO of EnergyFunders, a cutting edge Financial technology platform dedicated to disrupting the way people from all over the world invest directly into energy investments, starting with oil and gas. Casey has been a part of three successful startup companies, most recently growing startup iWowWe from zero to twelve million dollars in revenue in less than 2 years.

During the show, Casey will explain the different types of oil investments that you can make including the potential returns. You’ll learn about the tax deductions you can receive and the key pros and cons of the oil business. Listen to the end for insight on the future of oil and energy resources.

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ILAB 66 Show Notes



Where are we:

Casey Minshew – Houston, Texas
Sam Marks – Thailand
Johnny FD – Ukraine



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Time Stamps:

05:51 – How Casey started Energyfunders
09:07 – The history of oil
12:03 – Energyfunders team and partnerships
15:53 – Ups and downs to the oil business
20:44 – Risk levels and options to buy
32:44 – Analyzing sponsors and operators
34:58 – Reworking projects
37:33 – How to invest in the platform
42:13 – ROI after hitting oil
47:17 – More pros/cons of the oil business
50:58 – The investors roll in the process
54:30 – The future of oil and energy resources
57:29 – Regulation crowd funding platform
01:04:23 – Are we making an investment?
1:09:14 – Owning Exxon stock
01:12:24 – iTunes review shout outs!


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