ILAB 62 – Q2 Investing Updates + Early Retirement

“I put a half million US dollars into RMB, and its lost 20%”

Sam Marks

Sam Marks and Johnny FD share their investing updates from the past three months. Listen as Sam explains why he exchanged a half million USD into RMB (and has lost 20%) and how Johnny’s Forex account has developed. You’ll find out if early retirement is right for you including how Sam and Johnny strive to balance wealth, time, and happiness.

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ILAB 62 Show Notes

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Where are we:

Johnny FD – Ukraine
Sam – Asia


Black Hops Brewery – register investor interest here

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ILAB 06 – Invest in Yourself to Startup an Award Winning Brewery
ILAB 07 – Building Hong Kong’s Biggest Self Storage Business

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Time Stamps:

08:11 – Sam’s new investments
12:39 – Johnny’s investment update
15:41 – Half million exchanged to RMB
24:01 – Forex trading account growth
30:11 – Black Hops Brewery investment
32:39 – Hong Kong self-storage units
36:25 – Early retirement ups and downs
55:45 – What is happiness?
1:00:45 – Current bucket list projects
1:04:51 – The happiest we’ve ever been


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