ILAB 60 – M.C. Laubscher – Investing Lessons from the Cash Flow Ninja

M.C. Laubscher - Investing Lessons from the Cash Flow Ninja

“You’re in charge. You’re the CEO of your life”

M.C. Laubscher

M.C. Laubscher is the CEO of Valhalla Wealth Financial, a company that helps individuals, families, small business owners, professionals & entrepreneurs employ wealth acquisition & financial management strategies for growth. M.C. is also the host of the popular business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja. He challenges existing societal belief systems and misinformation on money, saving, investing, wealth, and retirement.

During the show, M.C. will reveal the six pillars he learned after interviewing over 150 successful investors. He will speak on accumulation and the cash flow model including the power of masterminds and mentorship. Listen to the end for the three principles to help build your wealth, happiness, and success.

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ILAB 60 Show Notes


Where are we:

Johnny FD – Ukraine
Sam – Hong Kong
M.C. – Pennsylvania


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The Creature from Jekyll Island – G. Edward Griffin


Time Stamps:

06:50 – Common myths and misinformation
12:55 – Deferring taxes
15:14 – Accumulation and cash flow model
23:38 – Learning from successful investors
28:41 – Philanthropy
31:22 – M.C’s backstory
38:47 – Masterminds and mentorship
47:50 – Life settlement system
52:00 – Three principles to build wealth, happiness & success
1:05:15 – Explaining life settlement funds
1:08:17 – Institutional risks
1:11:24 – Ukraine money exchange


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