ILAB 59 – YieldStreet – The Future of Non-Correlated Asset Investing with CEO Milind Mehere

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“Investment and wealth management is broken. 99.5% of the population doesn’t have access to good fixed income products. Let’s use technology and data to change that”

Milind Mehere

Milind Mehere is the founder and CEO of YieldStreet which is an online marketplace for investing in alternative asset-based loans. 8-20% target returns. 1-3 year terms. Milind has worked for industry-defining companies and personally built and scaled three businesses, one of which, Yodle, was acquired by for $342 million in 2016. He is a successful tech entrepreneur who created investment opportunities outside the stock market with real collateral and attractive yields.

During the show, Milind explains how you can generate passive income by connecting to asset-based investments with strong returns. You’ll learn how the investments are structured, typical duration and investment terms including how pre- and post- settlement financing works. Expect to hear about Milind’s personal investment portfolio and how YieldStreet maintains a zero principle loss to investors.

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ILAB 59 Show Notes


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Time Stamps:

05:53 – Founding vision for YieldStreet
10:26 – Non-Correlated assets
12:07 – Duration and investment terms
15:23 – The safest loans in real estate
16:25 – Rolling maturities
17:09 – Milind personal portfolio
24:47 – Peer to Peer breakdown
27:07 – NBA loans
29:06 – Diversified pre settlement finance portfolio
33:01 – Post settlement funding
35:22 – Sourcing deals
43:03 – Tech/data side of business
46:40 – Maintaining zero principle lost to investors
53:12 – The demand of YieldStreet
1:04:30 – Walking across Ireland

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