ILAB 52 – The # 1 Rule of Investing, with Phil Town

The # 1 Rule of Investing Phil Town

“We have such a huge advantage in the market now with the vast majority of people investing as if is everything is priced properly. If we know it’s not… we can make a very high rate of return with very low risk”

Phil Town

Phil Town is an investor, motivational speaker, hedge fund manager and 2x New York Times best-selling author. Through Rule #1 Investing, he teaches personal investing at a free 3-day workshop where he empowers people to invest money on their own and stop relying on fund managers to determine their financial future.

Phil started in the U.S special forces and worked as a Grand Canyon river guide up until 1980. He fell into finance in such a unique way and managed to turn $1,000 into over $1 million in just 5 years. Find out how Phil’s methods contributed to all of his success in life and investing.

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ILAB 52 Show Notes



> Phil’s 3-Day Transformational Investing Workshop

Where are we:

Barcelona – Sam & Johnny FD
Atlanta – Phil


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Rule #1 – Phil Town

Time Stamps:

03:17 – Serving in the green Barrett
04:17 – Exploring East Coast of United States
08:18 – Rafting guide in the Grand Canyon
09:38 – Making the first million
12:10 – Meditating with family
20:39 – Investing before the internet
26:28 – Modern Portfolio Theory
29:37 – The number one rule of investing
32:53 – Is accessibility to the market bad?
35:55 – Buying in a depressed market
38:31 – Should you play the market crash?
41:56 – The 4 investing principles
42:54 – Learning from people like Warren Buffett
55:23 – Snapchat investing opportunity
1:00:24 – Do you need a financial advisor?
1:05:04 – Risky investment portfolios
1:06:13 – Facebook stock value
1:07:35 – Managing a work-life balance


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