ILAB 51 – Kitco Global Trade Director, Peter Hug’s Views on Markets and Metals

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“Gold should form a part of your portfolio but as part of your portfolio it still needs to be adjusted”

     Peter Hug     

Peter Hug is the Director of Global Trade at Kitco Metals Inc, which has retail and online departments for trading metals as well as a news division called Kitco News. Peter is one of a handful of experts who have succeeded through multiple bull and bear cycles using skills honed during the dramatic fluctuations of the 1980s. Prior to joining Kitco, Peter served as Senior Vice President at Guardian Trust Company, now a part of Laurentian Bank, which became one of the largest international trading houses for precious metals.

With equity markets surging, we wanted to hear from Peter on his views of precious metals, where they belong in your investment portfolio and how fed and geo-political variables can affect prices. Peter also shares with us daily operations at Kitco and some interesting insights to the purchasing of physical metals.

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ILAB 51 Show Notes


Opinion with Peter Hug

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Where are we:

 Peter – California


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Time Stamps:

03:15 – Peter’s background
04:57 – The face of Kitco
06:48 – Equity market since Trump’s election
11:48 – Peter’s personal asset allocation model
12:48 – Should you buy gold?
21:14 – Hong Kong gold crafts
25:11 – Buying gold from the US government
30:10 – Silver and gold % in your portfolio
32:57 – Fed raises rates and inflation
34:50 – Buying mints for liquidity
37:23 – Agnostic gold
39:45 – Highest volume coin in retail store
40:44 – Who buys good delivery bars
42:38 – Johnny’s father is alive because of gold
43:59 – Stealing $20,000 of gold coin
46:06 – Carrying a gold coin in your pocket
49:26 – Trading Cryptocurrencies in the future
50:42 – Investing in precious metals

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