ILAB 50 – Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff, Investing the Robo Way

Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff Investing Robo Advisor Financial advisor

“The way you make significant money is by being right in non-consensus”

     Andy Rachleff    

Andy Rachleff is not only a veteran in finance, he is also a pioneer in modern investing. Wealthfront is due more than their fair share of pioneering and innovating Rob-advisors, and helping millions of people start investing in the market in a smarter, more efficient way. At the time of this episode, Wealthfront is managing over $5.5 Billion for all types of investors from beginners to high net worth individuals. Robo-Advisors (or automated investing as Andy prefers to call it) have been sweeping the finance sector making it easy and transparent to invest in the market.

On this episode, we get to tap into Andy’s nearly 4 decades of experience in finance and investing, explore efficiencies in the Wealthfront platform, and see who Robo-Advisors are a good investing instrument for.

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Where are we:

South Carolina – Sam
Northern California – Andy
Bali – Johnny FD


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Sams Wealthfront:

Sam personal Wealthfront Account

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Burton G. Malkiel

Time Stamps:

02:52 – From VC to entrepreneur
05:02 – A tip to outperform the market
06:55 – Financial advisors
08:54 – Choosing fund and ETFs
14:23 – Artificial Intelligence usagexxx20:41 – Three ways you can control the market
25:31 – Time-weighted return vs money weighted return
29:01 – Passive investing
33:05 – Robo-advisors market share
35:02 – Software based auto advisors
39:17 – Is there a future for traditional advisors?
42:30 – Tax loss harvesting
44:50 – Lump sum or dollar cost averaging
46:55 – Time-weighted return vs money weighted return
51:00 – Is Robo-advisory right for you?

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