ILAB 49 – How to Make $500K a Year Doing Door-2-Door Sales

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“I would consider everybody a salesperson from the moment they’re convincing their parents to get them extra ice-cream”

Bryan Ravit

Bryan Ravit is a tenacious, 32-year-old salesman who is mastering the art of the selling. For over a decade, Bryan has been doing sales the hard way, cold calling, and door-2-door. He has continuously developed and refined his skill and used it to bounce back from tough financial situations and thrive, really thrive. He is on track to make $500k this year, with most of that coming in just a 7-month window. Bryan started in sales as just a teenager (and was admittedly not very good) and has since learned how to sell to just about anyone, and anywhere. Drop him in any neighborhood in America and he will end the day several thousand dollars richer. He is as ambitious as he is inspiring, helping all types of people learn how to sell and make their own way by watching him do exactly that.

This episode proves that there are many ways to make money by investing in yourself and developing skills, even when it can be extremely uncomfortable to start. Sales, especially door-2-door have been around for 5000+ years, and it has never been easier to make big $ apply this skill than in modern day.

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ILAB 49 Show Notes

Bryan’s info

(+1) 850-445-8095

Vivint Smart Homes

About Vivint
Promo video about the sale position
**Vivint was rated as one of FastCompany’s 2017, 50 most innovative companies


ArtofFX – start with just a $10,000 account (reduced from $25,000)

Fundrise – start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)

Wealthfront – get your first $15,000 managed free

Betterment – get up to 1 year managed free

RealtyShares – try it free with ILAB link


Influence – Robert B. Cialdini
Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone
Cashvertising – Drew Eric Whitman

Time Stamps:

04:20 – What makes a good salesman?
06:18 – First sale ever made
09:34 – Overcoming cold call selling
16:50 – Making $45k at Cut Co Cutlery
20:41 – Cold call phone call example
27:26 – Vivint smart homes security
29:08 – Breaking and entering at Sam’s house
33:13 – Choosing clients and fulfilling orders
39:40 – Restricted places for door 2 door sales
42:55 – Balancing sales and management
44:31 – Sales walkthrough strategy
49:58 – Knowing when to give up
52:28 – Reading body language
53:44 – Getting in trouble with the cops
56:04 – Four characteristics of a good salesman
1:00:20 – Future plans and goals
1:01:30 – Anticipating the real estate market crash
1:04:25 – From zero to $500k per year

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