ILAB 41 – Brew Johnson: The New Engine Driving PeerStreet and LA’s Hot Tech Scene

Brew Johnson: The New Engine Driving PeerStreet and LA’s Hot Tech Scene

“The three pillars of our business… safety for investors, credibility of our platform and scale”

Brew Johnson

Brew Johnson is the Co-Founder and CEO of PeerStreet, a P-2-P lending platform that collateralizes borrowers property to secure the loans with the underlying real estate asset. PeerStreet has been turning on investors to a great asset class once only accessible to banks and institutional investors.

We sat down with Brew in their Manhattan Beach offices to hear about how their new backing from Andreessen Horowitz will help them scale and what their plans are for the future. If you haven’t yet listened to Episode 13 with Brett Crosby, be sure to check it out first as it talks more in depth about what PeerStreet is strategies around utilizing the platform.

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ILAB 41 Show Notes


PeerStreet – Website
@brewjohnson – Twitter

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Where are we:

Manhattan Beach, California


Johnny’s Peer Street Active Loan Positions:

Brew Johnson: The New Engine Driving PeerStreet and LA’s Hot Tech Scene

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Time Stamps:

04:01 – Brews nickname
05:02 – Manhattan beach town
06:00 – Best mortgage based city
10:15 – Snapchat’s valuation
12:00 – SpaceX Elon Musk
13:36 – Denmark with family
14:00 – Founding company partnerships
21:21 – Tech & business Co-founders
23:40 – Young entrepreneurs
26:07 – Andreessen Horowitz
32:00 – Company growth
36:40 – Borrowers & Lending Club
40:37 – Loan to value valuation
46:30 – Beach, sharks and board meetings
48:16 – PeerStreet weekly payouts
53:40 – LA’s tech scene
56:00 – Driving a Ferrari
59:40 – Investing 10k in the PeerStreet team
1:06:05 – Short term loan perks
1:14:11 – Empowering underprivileged children

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