ILAB 38 – Chris Dunn: Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, and How to Profit

Chris Dunn: Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, and How to Profit

“Currency competition is one of, if not the best thing, to happen to capitalism this century”

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn is a world-renowned entrepreneur, investor, and educator. He has unique expertise in crypto-currencies that he developed off a background in day trading. He uses this powerful medium to profit off trades in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as well as direct investments in Fin-tech start-ups.

Chris joins us from his base in Austin, Texas to give us his perspective on how the average investor may look to play Bitcoin, what the risks are, how to acquire and store digital coins, and what the future may look like. It is an eye-opening episode and a great intro to the new and complicated category of crypto-currencies.

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ILAB 38 Show Notes

Chris’s Links:

Website: Chris Dunn
Company: Skill Incubator
Twitter: @ChrisDunnTV


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Show Notes:

03:15 – Skill Incubator
04:30 – Traveling 60+ cities
06:16 – Austin Texas
07:11 – Video Podcasting
08:30 – What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies?
12:03 – Blockchain
12:20 – Value of Bitcoin
15:32 – Invest and save capital
18:18 – Flaws and drawbacks
22:10 – Daily exchange and taxes
25:15 – Making a profit
24:48 – Where to buy
30:47 – Public and private key
35:23 – Coinbase
36:10 – Proper trading
39:13 – First-time investment experience
43:40 – Competitors & market caps
46:24 – Gold & precious metals
50:49 – Johnny’s Bitcoin investment
52:42 – How Sam lost $30,000
55:37 – Tesla downpayment
56:08 – Accepting Bitcoin for digital product
57:25 – Banks, large bills & paper money
1:01:00 – Amazon coin
1:05:42 – Paypal’s rolling reserve


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