ILAB 29 – Predicting, Trading, and Profiting from Trump’s Victory

Predicting, Trading, and Profiting from Trump’s Victory

Christopher O’Donnell is the Founder and Investment Manager of hedge fund Automatic. Automatic generates risk managed superior returns by using automated trading systems and trading special circumstances. Christopher has reviewed over 6,000 automated trading systems and has developed a proprietary selection criteria for choosing profitable trading systems. Christopher correctly predicted Brexit and Trump’s POTUS victory, and profitably traded both special circumstances.

On this episode, we discuss Christopher’s article “Trump Will Win and How To Profit”.  We drill into Christopher’s predictions on Brexit and Trump, trades made to capitalize on Trump’s win and the next big special circumstances event, the Italy Referendum on December 4th, 2016.


On this episode you’ll hear from Chris himself on:

– Chris’s trading business and how it’s relevant to his   predictions
– How he predicted Brexit in the past
– Where he gets is Intel and data
– How long he had been predicting this election?
– At what point did he see a definite Trump victory?
– When and how he positioned his trades
– How did the trades work out
– What is the next big event he will be predicting?

Automatic’s website is at and Christopher can be reached on LinkedIn (at or email (at Automatic is seeking investors and fundraising partners. If you have interest in Automatic’s performance results and investing / share profit fundraising, please contact Christopher.

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ILAB 29 Show Notes

Chris’ Links:

Chris’s article “Trump Will Win and How To Profit


Brexit the Movie:

Pollster expert Bill Mitchell: Twitter @mitchellvii and

Primary Model:

GBPJPY 1 hour price graph during Brexit:

USDJPY 1 hour price graph during POTUS 2016 election:

Show Notes:

03:20 – Starting a British hedge fund
06:00 – Automating coding strategy trading
08:01 – Risk tolerance
10:45 – Predicting Brexit
14:45 – Shy Trump supporters
18:45 – Announcing presidential election
21:01 – Why Chris chose Trump
24:45 – Liberal bias in the mainstream media
28:00 – Making profitable trades
33:00 – NY Times predicts Trumps victory
37:38 – Forex leverage trading USD to Yen
40:30 – Future referendum predictions
46:45 – Real Estate predictions after the election
50:00 – Sailing the Caribbean
51:50 – Wealthfront & VTI investment update

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