ILAB 28 – RealtyShares CEO: The Future Landscape of Real Estate Investing


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“We’re changing the hyper-local nature of investing and real estate”

     Nav Athwal     

Nav Athwal is the very impressive founder and CEO of RealtyShares, a leading online marketplace for Individual and Institutional Investors to securely invest as little as $5,000 into private real estate investment properties all across the USA. Investments are offered by pre-vetted real estate borrowers and companies looking to raise debt or equity capital for their projects in as little as 10 days.

Nav joins us to discuss why he started RealtyShares and the impressive path of the business from start-up to leader. The real estate investing landscape is changing, giving everyday investors more access to better deals previously only accessible to people in the know. Nav gives us his view on why technology and real estate now make the perfect intersection for investors seeking yield in one of the world’s oldest asset classes, and what the landscape may look like in the future.

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ILAB 28 Show Notes

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Where are we:

Sam – Punta Cana Dominican Republic
Nav – San Francisco


RealtyShares ( is the leading online marketplace for investing in private real estate deals.  Invest in professionally vetted properties for as little as $5,000 per investment.

You can try it for free with this link:

Show Notes:

00:40 – What is RealtyShares?
01:48 – Pinterest and Airbnb startups prior to Realty Shares
03:10 – The best things to do in San Francisco
05:20 – Launching Realty Shares in 2013
07:10 – Raising capital through the platform
11:45 – Debt, equity and diversified real estate
13:30 – Hot markets for yield opportunity
15:30 – Changing the nature of investing and real estate
18:48 – Two limitations to investing through Reality Shares
20:00 – Debt and equity deals process
23:30 – Relying on Sponsorship to manage deals
25:37 – Expected returns within 3-5 years
26:30 – Making your first investment
28:30 – Hitting our funding goal
29:50 – A debt deal case study
34:00 – The future of Reality Shares
36:45 – Investing $1.5 billion in real estate tech startups
40:38 – Tesla stock and venture opportunities
44:55 – 152 page tax return
47:00 – Sam’s debt or equity deal
49:36 – Holding index funds, Trumps reaction
55:21 – RealtyShares signup process

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