ILAB 26 – Rob Kall Zero to One : 3 Exits for Over $100m

Rob Kall, Zero to One, 3 exits for over $100m Invest Like a Boss - Start up

“Markets tend to go up the stairs and down the elevator”

     Rob Käll     

Rob Käll has achieved the real American Dream. He immigrated from Sweden in his early 20’s wanting to become a Rockstar in Miami. But this dream was short-lived and he quickly pivoted into start-ups as a technical talent. Over the course of 10 years, he went on to apply lessons from a failed start-up he was employed at to building 3 businesses and selling them for a total of close to $100 Million.

In this episode, Rob takes us through his path and how the exits came about. We also learn about his perspective and the difference in being a start-up founder and a senior executive for a public company, and key lessons he learned to apply to his businesses that help them become successful where others failed. Uninterested in retiring, Rob has now founded his next company in his new field he is passionate about – Artificial Intelligence.

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ILAB 26 Show Notes

Rob’s Links

Linkedin –
Twitter –

Where are we:

Sam – Florida
Rob – Barcelona, Spain


Losing My Virginity – Richard Branson
How To Get Rich – Felix Dennis
Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki
The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

Discussed: – Rob’s new Artificial Intelligence start-up – Property management software and rental housing management solutions – Find your perfect coworking space in 100+ countries

Show notes:

04:40 – How Rob and Sam met
04:21 – Start up space in Barcelona
06:06 – Becoming a rockstar in the U.S.
07:13 – Coding for a corporate company
11:55 – Starting a real estate technology company
15:35 – Buying the company and creating an exit
16:33 – Working as an Executive at eNeighborhoods
22:20 – Taking the next step towards a CEO
23:40 – Tracking and owning you KPI
24:40 – Building a partnership with TripAdvisor
33:10 – People, Process and Product
34:40 – Advice for aspiring startup entrepreneurs
35:20 – Hiring quality employees
36:40 – Investing in real-estate and
39:40 – Dealing with difficult situation
41:40 – Sales Productivity
43:00 – Working in alignment with core values

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