ILAB 25 – Paul Merriman: 12 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future


“I am devoted to helping investors do better with their money”

     Paul Merriman     

Paul Merriman is an internationally recognized authority on mutual funds, index investing, asset allocation modelling and buy-and-hold strategies. He has over 50 years of investing and advising experience and we are stoked to be able to tap into his wealth of knowledge. Although Paul is “retired” he is as busy as ever, educating people of all ages on how to take investment decisions into their own hands.

On this killer episode, we discuss one of his books “101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future” and break it down into the 12 top points. On each point, Paul explains the decision in detail and gives us advice on how to apply this practically to our own portfolios. This is a great episode for all levels of investing experience.

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ILAB 25 Show Notes

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Pauls website –

Where are we:

Sam – Jacksonville, Florida
Johnny FD – LA, California
Paul – Seattle, Washington


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Paul Merriman – 101 Investment Decisions
Jason Zweig – Your Money and Your Brain
Tony Robbins – Money Master of the Game

Video discussed :

Five Steps to More Money, Less Risk and More Peace of Mind:

Articles discussed:

Adding Small Cap Value to a target date fund

What saving / making and extra .5% can mean to your future

Time Stamp – Topic:

02:30 – Retirement home in Mexico
09:00 – How Paul started with finance
13:25 – Choosing to save vs. spend
20:26 – Making 16% interest on a CD
23:40 – Long term investing with stocks over bonds
29:40 – One stock vs. many stocks  
33:20 – Stockbroker story selling
34:38 – Investing like a multi-millionaire
37:00 – Thoughts on Tony Robbins Money Master of the Game
40:15 – Personal picks or hire an expert
42:27 – Load funds vs. no-load funds  
48:40 – Operating mutual funds with high expenses vs. low expenses  
54:20 – High taxes, low taxes and no taxes with a Roth IRA / 401k
57:40 – Managing active and passive index funds
59:57 – Total market fund vs. Total market + value and small cap
1:02:30 – Using you select funds or target date funds
1:04:20 – 100% Target date funds vs. target date and adding small cap value
1:08:00 – Do you trust Wall Street, Main Street or University Street academics
1:13:22 – Are international stocks necessary?
1:15:55 – Financial advisory hiring strategy
1:18:20 – Paul’s future asset allocation model

Be sure to read Paul’s full book 101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future

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