ILAB 22 – Betterment CEO Jon Stein: A Decade of Pioneering Robo Advisory


“We had a million dollars by the end of the first month”

     Jon Stein     

Jon Stein is the very popular CEO of Betterment, a platform that is pioneering “Robo-Advisory” and a listener favorite. In fact, the term “Robo-Advisory” was one of the reasons we wanted to start the podcast. When we first heard about Betterment, it was clear a new modern era of technology and investment advice was now available. Aside from the platform itself, we wanted to hear about Jon’s story and why he started Betterment. And a very inspiring one it is. Betterment has been in the works for almost a decade. You’ll be intrigued to hear how and where it got started, and what the future holds.

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ILAB 22 Show Notes

Relevant links for guest:

Jon’s –  LinkedIn
Betterment Sign Up – For every friend who funds, you get 30 days free, and each friend gets 6 months free.


Money master of the game – Tony Robbins

Discussed (relevant links):

Meb Faber on Building The All Seasons Portfolio – ILAB 15

Time Stamp – Topic:

03:00 – Starting the company Betterment in New York City
05:30 – John’s personal story behind Betterment
11:20 – Launching Techcrunch Disrupt
16:00 – Transitioning away from using financial advisors
18:00 – Staying the course during a decrease in market value
19L50 – Growth and infrastructure over the next few years
22:40 – Active vs. passive – Evidence based
25:00 – Opportunity for international investors
27:00 – Being an emotional or physiological advisor
31:10 – Benefits for active and engaged investors
34:00 – John’s advice to his younger self
34:53 – Sam’s investments in Betterment
38:38 – Two side effects to robo-advisor
44:50 – The downside to Vanguard
49:00 – Removing emotion to prevent a loss
55:00 – Why is Betterment right for you

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