ILAB 20 – Glints Co-Founders: Mastering Early Stage Start-Up Investing

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If you have ever wondered how a start-up goes from a concept to raising venture capital, than you’ll love this episode. Glints, one of Singapore’s hottest start-ups is fortunate to be driving down the dream start-up path: from finding an early investor, to joining an accelerator programme, to raising a seed round of investing, finally to closing a larger Series A financing round…all while growing their team from the 3 founders to now more than 20 people in Singapore and Indonesia. The Glints co-founders join us on the show and share their grand experience on determining valuations, finding investors, structuring the deals, and raising money.

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ILAB 20 Show Notes


Oswald Yeo

  • @oswaldyeo

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Sam – Montes Purple Angel
Glints – Lagavulin 16


Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future – Elon Musk

Discussed (relevant links):

The Hub Coworking Space
JFDI Accelerator
Personality Test

Show notes:

01:20 – Founders story before starting Glints
01:45 – How Glints was started
05:16 – The early vision for Glints
06:30 – Joining an accelerator
08:30 – Taking their first angel investments
12:30 – Deciding on Ivy league school vs. Glints
13:30 – Dropping out of school in the USA to pursue Glints
15:15 – Demo day
16:25 – Coming up with a valuation for seed round
17:20 – What were you looking for in your early investors?
17:25 – Fundraising advice
18:30 – Finding a lead investor
24:00 – Inside the Glints office
26:00 – Expansion into Indonesia
29:00 – Financial growth + Series A
30:00 – Difference in Seed and Series A investment
32:00 – Increasing my investment in the Series A
35:45 – Entrepreneur to investor
37:40 – VCs vs. Angel Investors
40:00 – How to get involved in the start-up scene
41:50 – Using the Series A funds for expansion


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