ILAB 18 – How to grow your IRA/401k to $100m tax free like Mitt Romney


“They want you to pay those taxes, they want the tax revenue”

     Joshua Sharp     

Joshua Sharp of is one of the most highly touted experts in retirement planning and investing. He turns the topic of retirement planning into a very exciting episode by illuminating some modern approaches to investing and growing wealth within tax free structures.

We dive into how Mitt Romney was able to generate $100m in tax free earnings in his IRA, and most importantly navigate some real world examples to give the listeners a shrewd example of how they may consider better structuring their own accounts. If you have ever wonder how IRAs, 401Ks, SEPs and a variety of other structures may be utilized to optimize your retirement savings than this is a great episode for you. We took a lot away from this episode and are making changes in our own retirement planning.






ILAB 18 Show Notes

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Sam – Kiev, Ukraine
Joshua – Portland, Oregon


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Turn $50k into $3 Million with SEP-IRAs – ILAB 05

Time Stamp – Topic:

02:45 – Fundamentals of retirement planning
06:00 – Why retirement accounts are not for everyone
07:30 – 401Ks are a safer structure than IRAs
08:25 – IRA vs 401K fundamentals
14:00 – Investing in yourself for retirement
17:55 – Solo 401Ks for earned income savers
20:00 – Diversifying your retirement accounts
25:35 – Utilizing multiple retirement accounts
31:37 – Traditional vs. ROTH
34:20 – Why traditional accounts may be a gamble
39:25 – Converting traditional funds to a ROTH account
43:50 – Keeping structures simple
45:25 – Will the Government mess with our retirements?
52:40 – A self directed IRA gives you a lot of investing flexibility
1:01:15 – How Mitt Romney grew his IRA to $100m
1:06:30 – Ditch your SEP for a Solo 401K
1:14:00 – Is there a minimum age for retirement plans?
1:21:00 – advice for employees with earned income

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