ILAB 152: Equity Estates – Philip Mekelburg


Philip Mekelburg, CEO and Fund Manager, Equity Estates

Philip has over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, management and operations. After graduating from Cornell University, he worked as a corporate trainer and management consultant. His accomplishments include starting a fast-growing, new-to-market retail concept which he built up and sold within four years. The industry respected his novel approach and elected him president of their international association. Afterwards, Philip was hired as Director of Operations for a financial services firm where his work in channel sales garnered him praise, while expanding his knowledge and experience in marketing specialty finance products. He co-founded Equity Estates in 2006 and enjoys building a real estate portfolio that is also a smart investment that offers memorable experiences.


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Time Stamps:

  • 06:23 – How did Equity Estates start? 
  • 12:40 – How would you describe Equity Estates?  
  • 16:12 – How does Equity Estates compare to a timeshare or secondary home?
  • 21:28 – What are the general characteristics of the properties?
  • 23:56 – Where are the properties usually located and how do you select?
  • 25:06 – What are the requirements and minimum investment to invest?
  • 27:29 – How does the concierge experience work?
  • 33:05 – How do you manage the expenses of all the properties?
  • 37:08 – How do the average investor utilise their time at the property?
  • 40:57 – Patreon: Do you have investment opportunities for non-accredited investors?
  • 45:00 – Patreon: How does your affiliate portfolio work on the business side?
  • 46:26 – Can you discuss the different funds available?
  • 48:07 – Can anyone invested in any fund can access any property?
  • 48:49 – Patreon: Are you seeing any impact from Covid-19?
  • 49:53 – What is your favourite property in the portfolio?
  • 55:20 – Sam and Johnny Recap

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