ILAB 150: Worthy Bonds – Sally Outlaw


Sally Outlaw, Founder and CEO, Worthy Financial, Inc.

Sally founded Worthy Financial to bring higher yielding alternative investments to the public. Her personal and company mission is an economic opportunity for all. She used newly updated securities regulations as part of the JOBS Act, to create a way for everyone to painlessly save while earning 5% on their money – and to do it while helping community businesses thrive.  With a focus on the JOBS Act, she works to help investors and business owners navigate the new capital opportunities that arose with these new laws.

In this episode, Bill will share the plan for optimizing your life, stage by stage, so you’re fully engaged and enjoying what you’ve worked and saved for. You’ll discover how to maximize your lifetime memorable moments with “experience bucketing,” how to convert your earnings into priceless memories by following your “net worth curve,” and find out how to navigate whether to invest in, or delay, a meaningful adventure based on your “spend curve” and “personal interest rate.”

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Time Stamps:

  • 08:53 – What makes your investment “worthy”? 
  • 11:49 – Can you describe some of the assets you offer?  
  • 13:09 – How long has worthy bonds been around?
  • 16:13 – What makes it a bond and not another kind of investment?
  • 18:07 – Can you explain the 36 month term, if you can cashout or redeem at any time?
  • 20:08 – How often does interest pay out?
  • 21:52 – Who can invest in worthy bonds?
  • 27:05 – How did you settle on a return on investment percentage?
  • 32:46 – What is the lowest investment to start with worth bonds?
  • 33:52 – Can I reinvest the interest I’ve earned on worth bonds?
  • 37:22 – Can somebody buy bonds through their IRA or retirement account?
  • 39:42 – What is the “Worthy Roundup Programme”?
  • 36:24 – What is the “Golden Egg” Promotion?
  • 44:39 – Sam and Johnny Recap


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