ILAB 15 – Meb Faber on Building The All Seasons Portfolio


“The worst thing you can do is to change your asset allocation based on what is working”

    Meb Faber    

Meb Faber is one of our hero’s in Finance. A high energy straight shooter that is highly explorative and analytical. He gave up his skis to catch the surf in Manhattan Beach while co-founding his company Cambria Investments Management. Many of our listeners already follow Meb through his blog, podcasts and many books, and had to chance to catch up with him about modelling an “All Seasons Portfolio”.

Originally introduced by BridgeWater’s Ray Dalio, the investment allocation was once again hyped up in its reintroduction of Tony Robbins new book Money Master the Game. Meb has researched and compared dozens of the most coveted asset allocation models dating back to the early 1900’s and we wanted to see how the All Seasons Portfolio stacked up against others like the Perfect Portfolio, and the 60/40. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to model a buy and hold portfolio and learn more about how today’s economic environment may give clues to future investment performance.





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Cambria Investments

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Sam – Singapore
Meb – Manhattan Beach


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Money Master The Game – Tony Robbins
The Ivy Portfolio – Meb Faber
Global Value – Meb Faber
ShareholderYield – Meb Faber
The Intelligent Asset Allocator – William Bernstein
Triumph for the optimists – Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh, Mike Staunton
Demographic Cliff – Harry Dent


The Idea Farm
The All Seasons Portfolio – Ray Dalio
David Swenson
Risky Party 160% model – Global Market Portfolio
The Capitalism Distribution (Longboard)

Some awesome links to Meb’s content:

Tony Robbins All Season Portfolio
Risk Parity Model (*watch the first video)
Asset Allocation Strategies (*our favorite article)
Global Asset Allocation  (*get Meb’s book free)
Meb’s Podcast

Timp Stamp – Topic: 
09:20 – How Meb got into finance
10:15 – Starting up Cambria
11:00 – 1500 blogs in 5 years
14:00 – Traditional investment advice vs. modern
14:45 – Modelling a portfolio for the future
16:40 – Having an appreciation for history
17:45 – The world’s investment Gurus
19:10 – Comparing 6 great portfolio models
20:45 – Why low cost fees make a huge difference
21:45 – Why buy and hold allocations don’t matter as much
22:50 – Japan’s market was flat for 2 decades
26:22 – Foreign markets are reasonable or really cheap
28:27 – What does risk parity mean?
31:30 – The simple takeaway of risk parity
32:00 – Negative interest rates
32:30 – Will bond rates continue to rise?
33:45 – Why high yield stocks are now dangerous
42:00 – Where REITs stand at the moment
35:00 – How models performed in the inflationary 70’s
36:20 – Reviewing the ALL Seasons Portfolio
37:14 – “Go enjoy your Summer”
38:25 – Being asset class agnostic
39:00 – Home country bias
40:00 – Dollar weighted vs. time weighted returns
41:33 – Advisor value, talking you out of emotional moves
42:25 – Investment timelines
43:40 – Dliving through a bear market
44:45 – Designing a model for the future (Global Market)
45:50 – The Trinity Portfolio
48:40 – What is exciting about Emerging Markets
48:00 – Small Cap growth prospective
50:00 – The capitalism distribution
51:50 – Meb’s opinion on Robo Advisors
53:50 – Robo-Advisors in bear markets
54:45 – Why it’s a great time to be an investor
55:25 – Personal finance vs. investing
56:45 – How about TIPS?
58:55 – WWIII investment planning
60:00 – Final thoughts portfolios for the futures

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