ILAB 144: Own Your Future – Digital Assets, with Flippa CEO Blake Hutchison

“This is an unusual time, and we are going to see more people become acquisition entrepreneurs.”

Blake Hutchinson

Blake Hutchison is an accomplished entrepreneur and the CEO of Flippa, a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, based in Melbourne, Australia, and San Francisco. Prior to Flippa, Blake was the general manager and chief revenue officer of Luxury Escapes and head of strategic partnerships at Xero. Blake was also the founder of GOOD44, a venture capital-backed specialty food marketplace helping small business owners target a new customer base.

In this episode, Blake will share his experience with buying and selling domains including other digital assets. Find out how to successfully invest in this space and what you need to know before buying a new website. Listen to the end to learn about new online business opportunities.

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ILAB 144 Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

  • 01:03 – Adjusting to the stay-at-home recommendations
  • 10:30 – A background and introduction to Blakes Flippa organization
  • 19:55 – Flippa’s buying and selling process
  • 29:50 – The process of buying any digital business
  • 32:08 – “The reality is that digital assets is where people will look to spend their time.” – Blake Hutchison 
  • 40:08 – Thoughts on Amazon Affiliates lowering their commissions and how you can adjust for this
  • 50:08 – Some of the top sites to buy right now
  • 1:11:11 – “It’s less about how many views your listing had, it’s more about pinpoint matching.” – Blake Hutchison
  • 1:12:47 – Getting sale notifications through Shopify stores
  • 1:19:08 – Discussing massive new online business opportunities

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