ILAB 136: KingMakers – The Shift to Investing in Offline Businesses

“Turn the profit knob and start earning those dollars back eventually and exit for a lot more than you paid for”

Kylon Gienger

Kylon Gienger is the president of KingMakers, an investment fund and accelerator for small business buyers. He founded and operated multiple business investments in the construction, food service, fitness, real estate, online education, and digital marketing industries.

On this episode, Kylon talks about investing in small businesses that would potentially grow to a million-dollar business, with the help of his company, the KingMakers. He explains some key points in strategically building industry by starting with leverage and having a partnership to successfully pay the loan and gain the profit. There are more ideas and lessons to learn here, so listen in!

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ILAB 136 Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

  • 06:01 – The idea of building over buying a business
  • 09:22 – The start of KingMakers
  • 12:00 – Taking business commission by website’s affiliate links
  • 19:41 – Buying businesses and growth plans
  • 24:48 – How an investor creates profit in buying a business by a leverage
  • 28:57 – “Turn the profit knob and start earning those dollars back eventually and exit for a lot more than you paid for” – Kylon Gienger
  • 30:51 – Kylon explains the minority and majority share to a business
  • 33:50 – “When working with a business partner, you want to make sure that you work well together” – Kylon Gienger
  • 34:58 – Managing and analyzing the business for the best quality
  • 40:57 – Reinvesting in dying businesses and earning profit from it
  • 43:42 – How business partnership operates
  • 49:50 – Eliminating failures in the business
  • 52:29 – The best ways to manage the business

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