ILAB 134: 2020 New Year’s Investment Updates, with Johnny FD & Sam Marks

“Try to figure out to eliminate some of the heavy fix cost”

Sam Marks

As the year 2020 begins, Sam Marks and Johnny FD give a head start to those business-minded individuals with their investment advice. Sam and Johnny are self-made entrepreneurs who use their hard-earned cash to invest in the best investment platforms, grow their net wealth, and live their dream.

On this episode, Sam and Johnny share their investment strategies, one of which is generating passive income. They reveal a ton of insights on how to handle your finances by sharing their own investment choices. They also provide advice to cope with the plummeting economy and provide effective ways to manage funds. So sit back and listen to this episode’s investment ideas for 2020.

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ILAB 134 Show Notes


Time Stamps:

  • 04:10 – A look back from the past years
  • 08:55 – Dividend vs. Distribution
  • 14:00 – House Lending and Real Estate
  • 16:15 – What are the best cash saving accounts?
  • 18:35 – What’s it like to invest in Spain
  • 23:15 – Investing with PeerStreet
  • 27:25 – The beauty of passive income
  • 35:27 – Effective property funds
  • 44:06 – “Places that I plan to go back every year, I might leave money on bank accounts” – Johnny FD
  • 45:51 – Sam and Johnny’s stocks and equity of the year
  • 53:49 – What is Diversification?
  • 55:40 – How to survive a potential recession?
  • 58:45 – “Try to figure out to eliminate some of the heavy fix cost” – Sam Marks
  • 1:04:19 – Having a passive investment with Airbnb

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