ILAB 133: 2019 Year in Review, Sam Marks & Johnny FD

“I took the Trans-Siberian Railway. It’s been the top trip I wanted to do my entire life ever since I heard about it”

Sam Marks

As the year 2019 comes to an end, it is time for Sam Marks & Johnny FD to share their year in review. Both Sam and Johnny are digital nomads, investors, and travelers who love exploring the world while growing their net worth.

During the episode, Sam and Johnny share their amazing travels for the year, including the Trans-Siberian Trip, which has been on Sam’s bucket list for quite some time. They share their experiences while on their adventures and their realizations throughout the year. They also reveal their top purchases for the year, the books they read, and their ultimate goals for 2020.

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ILAB 133 Show Notes

Where we are:

  • Sam Marks – – Chiang Mai, Thailand / IG @imsammarks
  • Johnny FD – Chiang Mai, Thailand / IG @johnnyfdk


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  • Fundrise– Start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)
  • Betterment– Get up to 1 year managed free
  • PeerStreet– Get a 1% yield bump on your first loan
  • Wealthfront– get your first $15,000 managed free

*Johnny and Sam use all of the above services personally.


Trans-Siberian Trip:

See Sam’s pics of trip on Instagram @imsammarks


  • Visa – $400
  • Train & Hotels (18 days) – $2,015
  • Activities – $1,800
  • Flights – $600
  • Total: $4,815
  • +$1,500 cash
  • Grand Total: $6,315

Note from Sam: this was an extended 3-week trip starting in Helsinki. We traveled in first-class sleeper trains, stayed in the nicest available hotels, and at the finest restaurants. The trip could easily be done for ½, but the value is so good, I would recommend trying to do as much as you’re able to. If you go, I would recommend using the travel agency below who arranged everything for us and arranged a guide at each stop.

Travel Agency:

Note: contact Olga or Irina and mention “Invest Like a Boss” sent you and they will give you $50 off your trip

Time Stamps:

  • 14:34 – “I took the Trans-Siberian Railway. It’s been the top trip I wanted to do my entire life ever since I heard about it” – Sam Marks
  • 19:52 – Crazy adventure in Russia
  • 25:40 – What items in the Bucket List they crossed off this year
  • 29:01 – Overcoming an internet disconnection dilemma
  • 31:42 – Organizing the Nomad Summit
  • 35:54 – Going back to a $250 apartment
  • 37:29 – “Speaking of leveling up, a big part of it is learning and growing” – Johnny FD
  • 37:32 – Books they read this year
  • 41:51 – Learning Russian through audiobooks
  • 45:41 – Johnny‘s travel log
  • 46:32 – “My ultimate goal would be a maximum of 4 countries a year” – Johnny FD
  • 48:10 – Travel plans for 2020
  • 51:15 – Sam’s top purchases for the year
  • 53:46 – Johnny’s product purchases for the year
  • 1:00:44 – Rapid progressions in the world

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