ILAB 132: Buying a Business vs. Starting a New One, with Ace Chapman

“Thinking creatively about where to put your money and generate the best returns, that is the real goal.”

Ace Chapman

Ace Chapman is an Investor Strategist who has bought and sold over thirty businesses and has helped his clients buy over one hundred businesses all over the world. He bought his first business when he was nineteen. It was an online stock market simulator called CoolWallStreet. After selling it, he then realized that there are more benefits in buying a business over starting one, which paved the way for his investment career.

On this episode, Ace weighs the difference between buying a business and building a business. As an investor himself, he explains his approach to business that may help other investors generate the best returns. This is also an inspiring episode where he shares his amazing journey from being a college drop out to becoming a successful businessman.

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ILAB 132 Show Notes

Where we are:
• Johnny FD – Mexico
• Sam Marks – Russia

• Ace’s Story

• – Join an exclusive community of blue-chip art investors

Time Stamps:
• 09:05 – Ace’s Story
• 17:43 – What are the businesses he has ownership of?
• 20:41 – Buying a business vs. building a business
• 24:00 – Categories of businesses he is into
• 25:09 – “Every time you go to a successful business and learn from an entrepreneur who made it to the other end against all odds, you can learn a lot.” – Ace Chapman
• 29:15 – Pros and Cons of online and offline businesses
• 40:44 – Financing strategies
• 47:21 – Where to go for financing
• 50:02 – The “snowball effect”
• 56:27 – “Thinking creatively about where to put your money and generate the best returns, that is the real goal.” – Ace Chapman
• 58:25 – His passive investments
• 40:03 – “I am definitely an investor” – Ace Chapman
• 1:00:32 – How to distinguish an investor from an entrepreneur
• 1:03:39 – Things to consider when buying a business

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